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P.E.S. The Prostate Stimulator

P.E.S. The Prostate Stimulator

Ref: BD0047

US Patent #6,151,527

This unique electrode, like most of the P.E.S. line of electro stimulation products, was designed from the ground up. The new Prostate Stimulator is designed with comfort and safety in mind and fulfills the 3rd principle of Erotic Electro Stimulation, which is proper focusing of the electro stimuli. By bending the vertical flexible shaft of the Prostate Stimulator, you can direct the highly polished aluminum electro conductive ball and there by focusing the Erotic Electro Stimuli toward the prostate. When combining this single conductor electrode with another P.E.S. single conductor electrode such as the P.E.S. Corona "Cockhead" Stimulators, Testicle Tubular, Sparkler, or Electro-Flex™ Penile Ring, the focus of the current flows through the prostate and is one of the best configurations to achieve "hands free" ejaculation.

The Prostate Stimulator is made up of two basic components, the highly polished aluminum electro conductive sphere, and the unique flexible T-base platform. The electro conductive sphere measures approximately one inch in diameter. The conductive sphere gives this electrode the unique capability of focusing the electro stimuli very precisely in the region of the male prostate gland. In the early development stages of this electrode, Mr. Amore realized in order to deliver the precise focusing of the stimuli positioning of the electrode was critical and requiring the second component. The flexible T-base platform is made up of a highly specialized wire to withstand metal fatigue, but flexible enough to mold comfortably within the anal cavity.

In many aspects the flexible T-base platform is as important as the highly polished aluminum electro conductive sphere. The T-base platform is designed to enter the anal cavity, and stop at the T-Junction on the outside of the anus. Thus, ensuring proper penetration to palpitate the prostate region (approximately eight to ten centimeters) and also allowing a safety stop, so the electrode cannot travel farther up the rectal cavity. This is a very important safety factor for this type of electrode. The Prostate Stimulator also has incorporated in its design the P.E.S. Low Profile Lead technology for ease and comfort.

P.E.S. products are intended for use below the waist area. Do NOT use if you suffer from any form of heart condition, over inflamed/swollen//broken skin, if pregnant, if you suffer from epilepsy, if you have any penile/vaginal/anal disorders.
Paradise Electro Stimulations Inc (P.E.S.) and Gyer Design Ltd (Trading as World of Dreams) will not be held responsible or liable for any injury, harm or accident resulting from the use of any of these products how ever so caused. Use of P.E.S. products implies that you have read the instructions prior to use and accept these terms. No medical claims are expressed or implied.
ElectraStim products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. by Paradise Electro Stimulations Inc

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