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Cyrex Ltd - Electrastim

Cyrex was formed in 2001 with the sole intention of offering a unique sexual experience to all sexually liberated individuals and couples, straight or gay. Their specialised background in neuromuscular stimulation makes thrm unique in the field of erotic electro stimulation (commonly known as EES or e-stim) and has enabled them to become a world force in the developement of erotic digital stimulation techniques. Theirr stimulators are designed and manufactured in their two Hertfordshire (UK) industrial units to the highest construction standards and incorporate built-in safety features that other manufacturers simply overlook.

Their products are stocked by numerous reputable high street adult shops and have been featured on Eurotica and Generation Sex TV shows as well as in numerous erotic publications and magazines.

Why chose Electrastim?

Their intention is to provide you with a product that will give you erotic pleasure and enrich your sex life. After nearly five years of listenning to their customers they believe that they are well qualified in the art of providing their customers with what they want - high quality erotic products designed to provide a unique sexual experience for all genders and preferences.

Their stimulators and accessories are constructed without any compromises. They firmly believe that if they are to provide you with a memorable experience it should start the moment you open your parcel. Their products are safely stored in quality re-usable packaging and are completely without blemish. Their control panel overlays are constructed from durable reverse printed polycarbonate with frosted windows to protect the displays and keep your ElectraStim in good clean order.

As you would expect from any reputable manufacturer and supplier, all of our non-consumable items are backed by a 12 month warranty.

They acknowledge that there are cheaper stimulation devices on the market, but as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Ultimately if you buy the right product the first time around it is cheaper in the long run and you will have a far more enjoyable experience!


P.E.S. (Paradise Electro Stimulations, Inc) was started by Dante Amore. After twelve eye-opening years exploring the world, Amore resettled in San Francisco where he opened himself up to the gay and S&M communities. He observed crude and dangerous experimentation with electricity for genital stimulation. There were a lot of extreme and archaic methods of stimulation happening; things like brass rings soldered with coat hangers for connections and connected to crank generators. Although he found these early methods of stimulation appalling, Amore became fascinated with the possibilities of using electricity for sexual stimulation. Amore proceeded with his research in a more clinical fashion beginning his involvement in the world of Erotic Electro Stimulation and the eventual creation of P.E.S..

Erotic Electro Stimulation is a combination of three basic tenets:
1 - Proper Generating Source (e.g., P.E.S. Power Box)
2 - Proper Delivery Source (e.g., Electrodes)
3 - Proper Focusing of the electro stimuli (e.g., adjustment of the Generating and Delivery Source).

These three principles must be applied at all times for successful exploration of Erotic Electro Stimulation. Optimally, E.E.S. can be used to enhance the natural sexual response and thus potentially creating more intense or multiple orgasms!!

Like many other corporations, P.E.S. had its humble beginnings in the mid-eighties as a small mail order company that was operated out of Amore's garage. The early products were all acrylic, except for the first generation Sparkler (so named because the 'guinea pig' for this product saw 'sparks' when he used it), which was a conductive rubber mounted on an acrylic base platform. The initial products were created for other power sources. One early ad in the Sandmutopian Guardian read: "Shocking! RelaxAcizor, WalkMaster, Titillator, or whatever you use, these attachments will provide hours of shockingly great sensations." The early customer base was more BDSM oriented but eventually more 'vanilla' customers would eventually start to discover the wonders of electro stimulation and learn that electro stimulation did not have to be synonymous with pain. Amore soon added the first generation of P.E.S. Power Box to the product line. It was originally known as the Pleasure Box.

As the popularity of the products grew, P.E.S. moved from the Bay Area to Las Vegas in the early nineties. With only a P.O. Box for correspondence, enthusiastic patrons of P.E.S. would fly in from all over the world in hopes of experiencing these toys in person only to find themselves in the center of a Post Office. P.E.S. then realized the need to open a center of operations as well as a place where they could showcase P.E.S. and its products. With that in mind, 'The Studio' was born.

The growth of the company allowed Amore to devote more time to research and development with the support of his enthusiastic staff, many of whom have played a role in the development of various products. A natural evolution of the P.E.S. Product line was to move into a further exploration of the flexible conductive material used in the Sparkler. While fairly advanced at the time, P.E.S. wanted to create something specifically designed to enhance the Erotic Electro Stimulation experience. Thus Electro-Flex™, a highly conductive silicone elastomer, was born! The Electrodes made with Electro-Flex™ provide comfort and durability that cannot be derived with their acrylic counterparts as well as versatility in manufacturing that had not been seen in this area before. Of the original product line, the Acrylic Anal Plugs and Vaginal Shield continue to be manufactured and hugely popular with our customers.

The use of Electro-Flex™ allowed P.E.S. to replace the fragile and highly inflexible Acrylic Penile Rings with the very flexible and much more durable Electro-Flex Penile Rings. It also led to changes in the Sparkler and Vaginal Plug. The use of Electro-Flex™ created a much smoother and sensuous delivery of the Erotic Electro Stimulation, and also led to the creation of a number of electrodes that simply wouldn't have existed if not for this amazing elastomer. Of the over twenty different Electrodes manufactured by P.E.S., at least ten of them use Electro-Flex™ in their construction. It also led P.E.S. to pursue patents to protect their new technology. At current count, P.E.S. has twelve patents on its products and three patents pending.

The wide and varied appeal of P.E.S. products, for both the straight and gay market, gained P.E.S. overnight notoriety in the United States as well as in Europe. It didn't take long for the media to catch wind of the growing popularity of P.E.S. and electro stimulation. Not only has P.E.S. (and Dante) been featured in several national & international magazine publications such as Marquis, FHM, Secret, Taboo, StripLV and Adult Video News, but they have also received the spotlight in cable programs like Playboy's 360°, Foreign Late Night, and Sexcetera; HBO's Real Sex; and CNBC's Real Personal. P.E.S. and Amore also captured world media attention and were featured on a few TV programs in Canada, Germany, the U.K. and Denmark. P.E.S. Products have been used in various adult productions, most notably Electro Sex, which was an AVN Editor's Choice. The ladies involved in the filming of Electro Sex even acted as beta testers on the earliest version of the then new Little Big Man. This film also features The Juicer, one of our earlier female Electrodes, the evolution of which eventually led to the development of The Samurai, a visually stunning Electrode that combines delivery of vaginal electro stimulation with intense clitoral vibration. There is even a movie called Romancing Sara that features a young Dita Von Teese with the P.E.S. Auto Erotic Chair. These days you can often see the P.E.S. Samurai and the clear Acrylic Anal Plugs on Kink.com's sites.

From its humble beginnings in Amore's garage, P.E.S. has grown to become the world's foremost authority in research, development, and manufacturing of Erotic Electro Stimulation toys. Despite Amore's retirement from the world of Erotic Electro Stimulation in 2006, P.E.S. continues his work and beliefs. Always working on new ideas and concepts for the delivery of Erotic Electro Stimulation, P.E.S. has always felt a special obligation to its patrons. P.E.S. firmly believes it is our responsibility to continue to provide quality products that ensure safe and effective E.E.S. Along with new inventions and improving the existing product line, our primary duty at P.E.S. is educating not only about how Erotic Electro Stimulation works, but also furthering the social issues of human sexuality and liberating ourselves from sexual suppression. If we can make a person comfortable with their own sexuality, then that person is going to be more comfortable with themselves; they will be a better human being.

P.E.S. has grown to meet the demand of its growing clientele across the world. Today, P.E.S. is a global entity with markets in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, continuing in its quest to take human sexuality into an extraordinary future.

Being the INNOVATOR in this field, the production specialists and sales professionals at P.E.S. would ask that when comparing E.E.S. equipment to be aware that...
1 - All Electrodes are NOT created equal!
2 - Different power sources have different parameters.

Meaning that just because Electro Stimulation is generated or passed through a device, the end result may not be pleasurable or effective.


The story of Mystim

2005 - Company founded and first products under the name Mystim Ltd.

2008 - Foundation of Mystim GmbH

2009 - Foundation of the second brand "Petits Joujoux by mystim"

2011 - First products made of electrically conductive silicone

2013 - First electrosex vibrators

2015 - Opening of the Mystim camp in the USA

2016 - New company building with warehouse and production in Alzenau - Founder's Award for Mystim CEO Christoph Hofmann

2017 - Further company growth with new products and employees


Rimba was founded in September 1971. We are based in a city called Etten Leur, situated in the south of The Netherlands. Our former president discovered the demand for Leather and all kinds of Bondage articles, as well as erotic underwear and other erotic products. After research among Dutch Sex Shop owners he developed a small erotic collection and started to market it. By continual research, more and more articles were added to the collection. One year later the first catalogue was released. In the 70s there were not so many competitors in the market so Rimba expanded quickly.

The founder of Rimba also looked past the boarders of The Netherlands to find new outlets in Europe. In a short time new clients were found in Germany, Switzerland and France. In 1991 Rimba moved into new headquarters and the founder's son took over the business. Rimba continued to expand and needed more space to provide room for the manufacturing department and warehouse facilities. In 2007 Rimba again faced lack of space and possibilities for further expansion. A new Rimba building was built. Our new premises were opened in April 2008.

Many people assume quite wrongly that Rimba owns Retail Outlets and a Mail Order Company but Rimba only sells direct to Wholesalers and Retailers. Most of Rimba's clients are in Western Europe but Rimba also sells their products Worldwide. We are rapidly expanding sales in all corners of the globe.

Rimba's success is based on our professional approach to the market, excellent quality products, short delivery times, custom-made designs, a wide range of sizes and our unique knowledge of the West European market. Rimba today is a popular, worldwide brand and a highly successful organization. Rimba manufactures Leather, Lingerie, Rubber products and wholesales Fun Factory (exclusively in the Benelux)and Kamasutra products.

The Rimba Brand stands for quality and is available only from the world's best Erotic shops and wholesale companies. Many of Rimba's ELECTRO products are sold in the US under the name of Zeus.


Rimba offer all clients and users of their products a 100% guarantee on all manufacturing failures of their products. However, their products cannot be returned after use, because of hygienic matters.

E-Stim Systems Ltd

E-Stim Systems Ltd was launched in early 2004 to develop an alternative to some of the overpriced and under specified Electro Stimulation units available on the market. A team of experienced E-Stim users, together with experienced and professional engineers work together to produce a range of E-Stim products designed with value, versatility and above all safety in mind. The results speak for themselves. From the unsure beginner to the professional Domme, our equipment is designed to offer something for everyone.

All of their equipment is designed and manufactured to conform to the latest European and US safety standards. They won't compromise on quality, features or safety, they don't see why you should either.

Folsom Electric Company

Folsom Electric Company produces fine quality erotic electronic products. Their products are for adult use only . Folsom Electric Company stands behind all of its products with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Their company products are available only through a select group of authorized retailers who share this commitment to customer satisfaction.

FEC has an entirely separate division devoted to new product research and development. Folsom Electric Company is interested in advancing electrical play in general. If you have a new product idea you would like to discuss, we would be happy to speak with you.

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